There’s Kool Aid in Your Gatorade

The turbaned, leathery face of Sanity?

Don’t trust people who think their diet or exercise program will bring world peace (vegetarians and yoga people, I’m looking at you).

People persist in what does not work all the time. They read an article, or a book for the learned types, and keep pressing on in a direction that produces less and less.

Look at the low fat dogmatists. When I was growing up, our entire family went low fat, and all of our healths, and waistlines, detiorated significantly. Yet we persisted in buying skim milk and lean meat for years as we all got fatter and less vital.

You could also look at the HIT Jedis, the Yoga fanatics, the “No Pain, No Gain” Nazis or any one of a dozen fitness cults out there.

Can you honestly tell me that these people seem sane, sober, measured? People who prescribe one size fits all madness on the rest of us, and then, when it inevitably fails for a large number of people, call the failures lazy.

More of what does not work, does not work. Just because it works for somebody else, does not mean it will work for you. Use your head. Use your judgement.

Also, not everything works indefinitely. If something works for a little while and then stops, try something else.

Be sane about your diet and training. If you know that something requires more time and energy than you’re prepared to give, try making a change that you know that can do. Over time, I think you’ll find that your beliefs about what you can do will grow bigger. But forcing yourself into some preordained box is a recipe for failure.

Don’t drink the Kool Aid.

Gluttony…Yeah I said it

Did I have to use another Sopranos picture? No, but I did.

Round about the same time drunks became alcoholics, gluttony became a dirty word.

I understand, moralizing has a tendency to have the opposite of its intended effect, and guilt is never pleasant, but the word itself may be the key to an excellent, sustainable long term diet change.

According to Wikipedia, the word gluttony is “…derived from the Latin gluttire meaning to gulp down or swallow…”, which sounds kind of like wolfing down your food to me. We also describe the unpleasant feeling of having a lot of food in your stomach, as being “glutted”, like the food is all fighting to get into your intestines because there’s not enough room. You know how you typically feel crappy, dull, and sleepy after a really huge meal? Not a new phenomenon. It was describe by Aquinas hundreds of years ago. In modern days, Jim Loehr, a prominent sports psychologist, also talks about quitting the meal before the apathy sets in.
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Bodybuilding Ruined Everything, pt I

Moshe and his IDF Death Kitten are not impressed by bodybuilding

Yeah, I said it.

Look deep within your heart Luke, you know it to be true.

Men have been interested in health and strength for a LONG time. Josephus talks about Judeans going out and lifting stones for their daily exercise. Charlemagne went for a daily swim. According to Sir Francis Bacon, archery is great for increasing lung capacity.

There were three great concerns for men and fitness. The first was health, the second was aesthetic, mostly not being a fat guy (by the standards of the time), and the third was strength. The last one is broader than the way we conceived it, it meant the ability to do specific things, run fast, wrestle well, ride well, and, yes, lift heavy stuff.
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Our Philosophy: Finding What REALLY Works

What would you say if I told you, you, YOU, could get a hold of the BEST exercise program in the world to get HUGE, and not only that, as an added bonus, you could get the most detailed, scientifically proven diet plan in the world, leaving you with a Hollywood Action Star’s physique?

Now, what would you say if I told you that this plan…

Does. Not. Work.
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Convict Conditioning: Yeah I know…

According to my sources, the above video is not an actual prison, or an actual prisoner, or mostly in the contents of Convict Conditioning. But, yeah…

I know prisoners are bad guys. That’s why they’re in jail. And I know they’re not all super jacked wolves. We’ve all seen “prisoners” working out in movies: Nicholas Cage doing handstand pushups in Con Air, and Leonardo DiCaprio doing dips in The Departed. And, knowing how to workout and become super strong with no resources is an attractive idea. How would it be done?
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The Travis McGee Diet Plan

What the inside of a badass's head looks like

Odds are, you haven’t heard of the Travis McGee series of novels which chronicle the adventures of the greatest American Hero no one’s ever heard of, a “salvage consultant” who gets back other people’s stolen property. The author was a former OSS Lieutenant Colonel and Harvard MBA named John D. MacDonald, and you probably have heard of one of his other works, Cape Fear.

The whole series of novels has a lot of physical details. Travis details much of his workout and diet, and given the military history of MacDonald, I think it represents the author’s workout and diet as well.
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Aleksey Vayner Is My Hero

Just to state for the record, this headline is a parody. This video has been kicking around the internet since about 2006. Apparently Aleksey decided the best way to impress the recruiters at UBS was to create a video resume. They thought it was funny enough to send to some friends and it went viral from their. I showed it to a friend and she kept a pretty straight face up until when he started dancing, and she said, “He’d better get over himself.”

Despite the blatant narcissism on show (the dude’s interviewing himself here), what he says isn’t necessarily much different from what any standard self-improvement guru out there might tell you (except that most of them aren’t quite as cheesy. What is he CEO of? His dorm room?). So I’ll consider this video about 20% true and 80% bull.

More to the point of this post, what is holding you back from achieving the body, fitness, and energy you desire? As Aleksey would have it, you are probably not pushing yourself hard enough, after all “Impossible is Nothing” (Just remember to have those three spotters to help you get the barbell back up). But I’m sure that you, like me and most people out there, are stressed and hurried as it is, and here is some genius telling you to push harder. Yeah right.
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Warrior Diet Review: How I Began to Eat Steak and Lose Weight

Who doesn’t want to look like an ancient warrior? Especially if you are like I was 243 lbs of skinny fat. If you’re not familiar with the term, it doesn’t mean powerlifter or strongman fat, but emaciated arms and legs and blubber. I was a chubby lil pumpkin.

Not even me at my fattest. Fatty fat fat.

I am now 60lbs lighter and can that The Warrior Diet for 40 of that.

I picked up the book because I wanted that Ancient Warrior Physique. Believe me, this was not the first diet book I ever picked up, but it was the the only diet book I ever managed to follow and the only diet that really kept the weight off. The reason I was able to follow the recommendations: Simplicity.
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Sexy Diets Around the World: Florence, Italy

Typical Florentine Resident

When I was in Florence, Italy, I noticed two things:

1) The city was only the size of Waco, Texas, but it was crawling with beautiful women. I had to shoo them away from the windowsill every time I wanted some fresh air at the hotel.

2) After my testosterone levels stabilized I noticed that Florentines as a whole seemed a lot leaner than my fellow Texans (A definite contributor to the hotness factor).

Looking at how they ate and lived, several things impressed me:
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Half and Half vs. Skim Milk: The Great Dairy Throwdown

“Dude, you have to try this?”
“Try what?”
“Drinking straight half and half.”

Now, John is from Kansas. While grateful for the sterling work that state has done protecting the rest of us from Missouri, the strange and frightening folkways of its people gave me pause.

Ritual cat feeding, modern day Kansas.

Or he was messing with me.

“Isn’t it bitter or something?”
“No, man, smooth as silk and tastes awesome!”

So, I tried some. Behold! It not only tasted like buttery happiness; it was really filling and satisfying.

Here’s the breakdown from the FDA:
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